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Nutmeg has been used medicinally for over 400 years.

In fact, the nutmeg’s healing effect is found in ancient Arabian writings and supported by the more recent Grenadian experience

Our nutmeg oil is made from the Grenada nutmeg seed on the island of Grenada, by a major world supplier of nutmeg. The Grenada nutmegs seeds are hand sorted to ensure the highest quality. The seeds are then placed in climate-controlled drying chambers to dry for 21 days. The nuts are then put through our proprietary steam extraction, which takes approximately 22 hours. This ensures the oil is packed with key ingredients and is ready to be shipped to the US. Once it arrives, it is mixed with our 100 year old recipe in our Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing plant. It is then bottled, labeled and shipped directly from the factory to you.

The nutmeg is not a nut and does not pose a risk to those with nut allergies
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